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  • Kelly MacDonald on Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe 5.3qt – PAFB-53I had my air fryer for 2 months and loved the functionality and food but the nonstick surface on the inside of the outer layer (not the basket) started chipping. I returned it.
  • Tom Frost on FrenchMay Digital Air Fryer 3.7qtI have had my Frenchmay air fryer for about 3 months, I use it at least once a week. The both baskets are beginning to PEEL, it does not seem to be dishwasher safe. I must say spending $100:00 ( approximately) for something that does not lived up to its standards is very disappointing, I could have bought a cheaper one but I believed you get what you pay for. I emailed FrenchMay but have NEVER heard back from them.
  • Susan on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642I have had this for less then 2 years and have only used it for french fries, pizza and recently chicken. But suddenly it overheats and the fan stops so it doesn't cook. I can't find any information on this at all. Sometimes I find things that say just get a new one. It isn't that old and we spent good money on it and trying to see what the problem is. There is nothing in the troubleshooting on this issue too. Disappointed limited warranty is only 2 months, should have made me suspicious. 2 stars since it was great while it worked.
  • James on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642Works great but basket is flaking and pealing
  • Christina Bradley on FrenchMay Digital Air Fryer 3.7qtI have it and like it. I've cooked gigantic chicken breast in it twice, messed up the first time because I didn't cook long enough. Cannot really go by the preset times, learned a lot from Facebook groups and a friend who had been using one for a couple years and owns 4 don't all me why. But ut the second time it was the best chicken I've ever tasted. So good. Tonight I did a bunch of seasoned shrimp whew! So good in about 10 minutes, again, not with presets. I wish I had waited to get the Christmas sale prices and that it came with accessories but nothing to complain about thus far.
  • Linda Hawkins on Todd English Digital Multi Function Air Fryer Oven 9.8 qt – 467-995Just received this . Plugged it in lights came on. And nothing happens. Call customer service. Recording email us. You can not talk to any one! Calling customer service where we ordered it! They don’t answer. I’m excited to have it. But not if I can’t fix these issues.
  • Tommy on Black & Decker Purifry Air Fryer 2.2qt – HF100WDI've owned this air fryer for about 6 months. I purchased it at Macy's on sale for 25% off thinking I must have gotten a really good deal right. Now being more of a seasoned air fryer pro I definitely think I could have gotten something better with a little more research. My biggest surprize has been how fast an air fryer cooks various foods and how much more convenient cooking is. My intention of the air fryer purchase was to eat healthier and since it didn't require any oil. Let's just say that plan backfired quite a bit, I just ate twice as much because everything I cooked was so so good. Some of my favorites foods to cook are sweet potato fries, chicken tenders, and chicken wings. I experimented with making low carb fried chicken with pork rinds
  • Debbie on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642I love my Cooks Essentials air fryer! I use it every single day! I highly recommend this fryer.
  • Tish on Cook’s Essential Digital Air Fryer 3 qt. – K44643I have had the Cooks Essentials for less than a month, and while it cooks beautifully, the no stick surface in the bucket started peeling off two days ago. Unfortunately, I have read that this is a recurring problem with some air fryers. Fortunately, QVC, where it was purchased is replacing it with a new one. It cooked the best baked potatoes I ever ate, and I have used it about six times and have cooked a grilled cheese sandwich, ribs, hot wings, and chicken thighs. The food has yet to disappoint, but I am so upset about the no stick surface. If the new one doesn't peel, I will use it quite a bit.
  • Chris on Maxkon UFO Multi-Purpose Air Fryer – 108447Great - I have a Maxkon which came with loads of extras, cooks everything really well and no guilt re oils, fats etc, only concern is having to work out recipes for this type of air fryer which is shaped differently from the more conventional ones. By that I mean that it doesn't have a drawer like cooking chamber, it is shaped like a UFO and has a rotating cooking cage - or a high/low cooking rack. It also has a pizza tray, and rotating spit. Plus side is that you can see what is happening through glass lid, and can remove lid for a short time without losing settings. Instruction booklet not really clear though, but can work through it

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