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What is Hot Air Frying?

Image showing an Air Fryer Circulating Hot Air Around a Cooking Chamber

Hot air frying is a cooking technique stimulate frying foods by circulating hot air rather than submerging into large amounts of oil.  Air fryers are considered a healthier alternative to deep fryers to prepare fried food for consumption.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

Air fryers simulate frying foods using this method, and also bake and roast just like a convection oven, which is a special type of oven that blasts hot air evenly throughout the cooking space.

Why People Love Their Air Fryers

Health Benefits

It can significantly reduce your overall calorie intake (up to 35% less calories).

An air fryer isn’t just for cooking unhealthy fried foods. It’s also great for grilling, roasting and baking.

Quicker Meals

It cooks much faster than a traditional oven (up to 25% less time).

Just place your food in the basket set the timer, set the temperature and voila!

Easy Cleanup

You don’t have to deal with storing and reusing oil as with a deep fryer.

The drawer and basket can be easily removed from the air fryer for a quick wash or tossed in the dishwasher.

What Can You Air Fry?


  • Steak
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Tenders(Kid-Approved)
  • Fries(Kid-Approved)


  • Meats
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Frozen Foods
  • Desserts

How Often Do People Cook Using Their Air Fryers?

Because of the simplicity, versatility, and ease of use, many air fryer owners use the device every day. If you enjoy cooking at home and do so often, you too will find opportunities you use your air fryer during the preparation of every meal.

According to the “Blue Jean Chef”, author Meredith Laurence, “Don’t underestimate the convenience of quickly toasting some nuts for a salad, or roasting a pepper for pasta, or quickly cooking bacon for an egg sandwich.”

Not only can you cook your entree in the air fryer, but you can use it for prepping ingredients, reheating leftovers, or making yourself a little snack.

In summary, we have seen how the air fryer outperforms a number of other appliances, including conventional ovens, large convection ovens, microwave ovens, and toaster ovens. Air fryers are a less expensive alternative if you are looking to replace your current oven, and their small size makes them ideal for cramped spaces. You will also save money on energy expenses as compared to other cooking methods.

Moreover, the air fryer can help you to prepare your favorite foods quickly, flavorfully, and healthfully.

Happy Air Frying!

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