A Guide to Air Fryers

Intro to Air Fryers

The Basics

Maintenance & Safety

Buying Help Guides

Healthy Cooking


Owners Manuals

Experimenting with your air fryer can be a lot of fun, so bon appetit, and enjoy your air frying!

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Air Fryers

  1. I bought a power air fryer about 3 months ago….. The 1st time I use it I want to clean it with a light sponge… And for some reason the black paint of the bottom of it started coming off… So now the black paint is gone and it is like a Gray Because the black is off the bottom of I am very disappointed in this product I paid alot of money for this

  2. For the life of me I cannot get anything to cook in my air fryer. I have tried thin cut meats. I have tried a minimum layer of french fries or rings. it will barely get them hot. I use the preset settings and I’ve tried the custom settings followed all the instructions online. I think I may have a defective product. I’m very tech savvy and never have any issues with kitchen appliances or electronic equipment. this has been very frustrating trying to cook for my family.

    • Which air fryer do you own? You might have an air fryer with a defective heater element so its not heating up enough to cook correctly.

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