Air Fryer Owner’s Manual Library

Free downloadable copies of air cooker instruction manuals for air fryers.

Some of these manuals also include our notes on air frying and functionality, new safety information, and feedback we’ve received from our readers. It’s worth a peek to find yours and read our notes on it!

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Air Fryer Instruction Manuals by Manufacturer

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Cant find an air fryer manual?

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12 thoughts on “Air Fryer Owner’s Manual Library

  1. Looking for a manual for an Emerial Lagasse air fryer Model EML FT 42915
    My sister was given a used one that looks like it is in good shape, but she is reluctant to use it without a manual for its use and some basic recipes. Can you help me find a manual for her? Thank you.

  2. We have a unwave brio 6qt air fryer. We made wings in it for the first time today. After several batches, the fryer just shut off. Is this normal? Thinking maybe it’s overheated?

  3. I can’t find the knobs for my HF – 919B , my unit is working good. But my knobs ar not turning properly. Can you show which knobs I need. Only need 2 – Knobs. Ossie

  4. I just opened my Momento 2.2lb Air Convection Fryer plugged it in to reheat then put in my nuggets about 20 to line the bottom & it started making a loud rattling noise. What’s happening tha doesn’t sound normal?

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