Air Fryer Safety

Air Fryers are miraculous appliances. When used correctly they are as safe as any other appliance in your kitchen. In this article we are going to give some advice on Air Fryer safety.

Store your air fryer on a dry, level surface, away from walls and curtains.

Store your air fryer on a dry, level surface, away from walls and curtains. You should also avoid placing it on top of the stove or a microwave oven, as this can cause extreme heat to build up that could damage the appliance. Also make sure to keep flammable objects away from it at all times.

Turn off the air fryer and unplug it before moving it or cleaning it.

There are a lot of great reasons to use an air fryer—they’re healthier, they cook food faster than conventional ovens, and they save you energy. But they also have some safety issues that you need to be aware of.

Air fryers get really hot, so remember these tips:

  • Turn off the air fryer and unplug it before moving it or cleaning it. If you’re not going to be using your air fryer for a while, unplug it.
  • Unplug the air fryer before you clean it or empty its basket.
  • You can clean the basket while it’s still warm.

Do not use aerosol cooking sprays in your air fryer.

  • If you have a large family to feed, the air fryer can be a great tool. It offers all of the classic benefits of a deep fryer—fast and easy cooking, crispy results—without the added oil or unnecessary calories. But because it uses such high temperatures, the air fryer has the potential to cause fires and other safety hazards. To make sure your kitchen stays safe during your next deep frying session, we’ve offered some helpful tips below.

Unplug the air fryer when it’s not in use.

Another safety tip to keep in mind is to unplug your air fryer when it’s not in use. The following are situations where you should unplug your air fryer:

  • After usage
  • Before cleaning
  • When moving the unit on or off of a shelf, surface or cabinet
  • If a child is around and you cannot supervise them
  • When changing the timer settings
  • If the unit is displaying an error code (if possible) – if the error code doesn’t go away after a few tries, please contact our customer support team!

You can also unplug your air fryer before you head to bed at night and while you’re on vacation.

Keep the air fryer away from water and other liquids.

While the air fryer is a safe appliance to use, it can become dangerous if there is water or any other liquid in or around the unit. It’s important to always keep the air fryer far away from any type of liquid and make sure all surfaces of the device are dry before, during and after use. In fact, water should never be used when cleaning an air fryer. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting water near your air fryer:

  • Never put any amount of water in the basket.
  • Don’t put wet food into the basket without drying it thoroughly beforehand.
  • Don’t clean any surface of your unit with a wet cloth or sponge; always use only a dry rag (or paper towel) for cleaning instead

Only operate your air fryer outdoors if you have access to power.

Enjoying your air fryer outdoors is a great way to take advantage of nice weather, but you should never use it near combustible materials like dry grass or leaves. If you have access to power outlets and want to enjoy an outdoor star-lit dinner, be sure that the cord plugs in securely and cannot be unplugged accidentally by anyone walking past. To make sure that the power cord stays clear of people’s feet, secure it with a taut rope or chain. The extension cord can’t be too long either—it should reach just far enough so that the air fryer is safely away from the house, but not so far as to become worn and frayed if someone trips over it.

If you keep your air fryer in a cupboard, make sure there’s plenty of room around all sides for adequate ventilation.

When you’re done using it, make sure there’s enough room around all sides of the air fryer to allow heat to dissipate. The air fryer needs plenty of space so it doesn’t overheat. Don’t keep your air fryer in a cupboard or cabinet; always store it in an open area where heat can escape into the room.

It’s also important to keep your appliance out of reach of children and pets. Also, don’t leave objects near the air fryer that could be flammable or ignite easily if exposed to heat (think towels, pot holders, curtains).

When you’re not using your air fryer, unplug it from the wall outlet and store it in a safe place where you can access it easily when needed but kids and pets won’t be tempted to play with it or knock it over accidentally.

Clean your grease traps and filter regularly to prevent fires from excess grease buildup.

In order to prevent grease fires, you will need to clean your grease trap and filter regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining your particular model of air fryer. A deep-fat fryer has a similar construction to an air fryer, so cleaning instructions for one may be helpful when dealing with the other. If you don’t clean regularly, you may end up having a very dangerous fire.

Air fryers are great and safe if you use them properly

Air fryers are great, but they should be used with caution. You need to follow instructions for safe operation and keep them away from children. They shouldn’t be exposed to water or open flame, and you should avoid placing them near any combustible materials. It’s also important to keep them clean for safety purposes.

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