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  • Susan on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642I have had this for less then 2 years and have only used it for french fries, pizza and recently chicken. But suddenly it overheats and the fan stops so it doesn't cook. I can't find any information on this at all. Sometimes I find things that say just get a new one. It isn't that old and we spent good money on it and trying to see what the problem is. There is nothing in the troubleshooting on this issue too. Disappointed limited warranty is only 2 months, should have made me suspicious. 2 stars since it was great while it worked.
  • James on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642Works great but basket is flaking and pealing
  • Debbie on Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer 5.3qt. – K44642I love my Cooks Essentials air fryer! I use it every single day! I highly recommend this fryer.
  • Tish on Cook’s Essential Digital Air Fryer 3 qt. – K44643I have had the Cooks Essentials for less than a month, and while it cooks beautifully, the no stick surface in the bucket started peeling off two days ago. Unfortunately, I have read that this is a recurring problem with some air fryers. Fortunately, QVC, where it was purchased is replacing it with a new one. It cooked the best baked potatoes I ever ate, and I have used it about six times and have cooked a grilled cheese sandwich, ribs, hot wings, and chicken thighs. The food has yet to disappoint, but I am so upset about the no stick surface. If the new one doesn't peel, I will use it quite a bit.