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  • Sibyl Pomeroy on GoWISE USA 7-in-1 4th Gen XL Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer 5.8qt. – GW22631My AirFryer cooks any frozen fried food beautifully. They come out crispy on the outside and juice on the inside. I love that I can adjust my temperature and time but it is also nice to have the preset menu. I use less oil sometimes all it needs is a mist of oil. Being Filipino, I needed to learn how to make crispy fried lumpia in my Airfryer and all I had to do was dip each in oil and put them in the airfryer. They came out crispy and I all it took was pressing a few buttons and waiting until it beeped. I am excited to learn how to cook other dishes for sure! Also, the baskets fit...
  • Simon on GoWISE USA 7-in-1 4th Gen XL Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer 5.8qt. – GW22631The inner pan and basket started chipping the first week I used it. The company sent me a new pan but the basket is out of stock and it's been two months now. Customer service seemed annoyed to have to replace it and told me it was rare for them to chip. I'm worried I won't get a new basket because they have no idea when how long it will be. ????
  • Terrie on GoWISE USA 7-in-1 4th Gen XL Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer 5.8qt. – GW22631Bought mine after a friend was talking about hers and how well it made french fries. Love this... i have made the best chicken we've ever had.. only issues are sometimes you can't slide the basket back in, just take it completely out and start over works everytime! Also under the basket is starting to peel and the basket has scratched a bit. Love my airfryer... we are having a blast experimenting with the many possibilities! As stated makes the best chicken without the guilt! Only regret is not buying one sooner.. i tell anyone who will listen how amazing this thing is!
  • Debbiefaz on GoWISE USA 7-in-1 4th Gen Digital Air Fryer 3.7qt. – GW22621It cooks evenly. We make everything in it! We use Very little oil and comes out crunchy. Super easy to clean. Even tho it has preset options i never use them, i use it instead of my oven. Its faster than an oven. Easy to clean, easy to use. Perfect basket size. I tell all my friends to buy it.