Todd English Air Fryer Reviews

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  • Linda Hawkins on Todd English Digital Multi Function Air Fryer Oven 9.8 qt – 467-995Just received this . Plugged it in lights came on. And nothing happens. Call customer service. Recording email us. You can not talk to any one! Calling customer service where we ordered it! They don’t answer. I’m excited to have it. But not if I can’t fix these issues.
  • Suzanne on Todd English Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer 5.8qt. – 457-813I like that the Todd English air fryer is digital. The basket is not great to clean but until the unit fails to work I can not replace it. I airfry a lot of different foods. I have even done yeast doughnuts in it. Meatballs are also a 7 minute wonder. It really is a handy tool. I think everyone should own an airfryer!