Should I Buy an Air Fryer? Are They Worth It?

How To Know If You Should Buy an Air Fryer

Air fryers have caught the attention of cooks around the world. They advertise many benefits, but you like to do your research instead of making impulse buys. These counter top appliances perform well in multiple applications, but they’re not magic. They don’t produce optimal results in every situation, and they won’t necessarily fit your lifestyle. To help you make an informed decision about a purchase, let’s look at all of the variables concerning air fryers.

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

Manufacturers frequently target people interested in reducing fat consumption. Air fryers will enable you to prepare the equivalent of fried foods with 70 to 80 percent less oil. You’ll still need to spray some cooking oil on the food so that the hot air produces a crisp exterior, but it’s still far less than submerging food in a deep fryer.

Home Cooking for Health

Aside from a reduction of fats for frying, you should consider how an air fryer might help you easily prepare more meals and snacks at home. People who cook the majority of their meals at home eat fewer carbs and fats compared to people who eat mostly from restaurants. According to research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, home cooking translates into the consumption of fewer calories overall.

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If you’ve been reluctant to try recipes that involve the stove or oven, an air fryer makes the cooking process relatively simple. Manufacturers include recipe booklets with these machines that will get you started on the path toward cooking at home more often.

User Friendliness

You don’t need a culinary degree to understand the operation of an air fryer. Although controls vary among models, you’ll basically only need to set the timer and temperature.

Few Parts

The only parts that you’ll be handling on a regular basis are the food basket and drawer that holds the basket. These come in and out easily. You might also want accessories like small baking pans that fit inside the drawer or basket.

No Big Containers of Oil

If you’re interested in an air fryer as an alternative to a deep fryer, you’ll enjoy a cleaner and safer experience. You won’t need to store used oil or dispose of large amounts of old oil. Safety will be increased during cooking, because hot oil won’t be spattering or splashing. With an air fryer, spatters and drips are minimal and contained inside the cooking unit.


An air fryer will offer you a greater range of functions than a deep fryer. You can use them to heat up leftovers, cook frozen convenience foods, and roast meats and vegetables. They even produce good results with baked goods like muffins, cookies, biscuits, and small cakes.


The results can be mixed with air fryers. They excel in some areas but are not ideal for everything. By playing to the strengths of the appliance, most cooks achieve results that range from acceptable to very good.

French Fries

To be the honest, a deep fryer beats an air fryer at making fries. Submerging the potato strips in hot oil produces even browning and soft fluffy interiors. Browning tends to be inconsistent in an air fryer, and the fries might be dry inside. These problems could be alleviated by carefully spraying or dipping each fry in oil and reducing the cooking time.

Potato Wedges

Although these thick slabs of potato can be deep fried, they’re usually prepared in the oven. An air fryer performs well in this situation. The recipe provided with the Philips model allows the air fryer to perform at its best. Successful air frying of potato wedges, however, involved the extra step of boiling the potato wedges and drying them before spraying them with oil.

Cooking Meats

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has deemed air fryers worthy of his attention. In one of his videos, he prepared turkey sliders. When a product review blogger followed his method, the air fried results compared favorably with the stove top version.

Meat patties come out of the air fryer with a complete sear. Patties cooked in a pan only have a sear on the top and bottom. Although most people might consider the stove patties a bit juicier, the air fried versions come in a very close second and take less effort to cook.

Steak adapts well to an air fryer. You’ll only need to coat it in olive oil and season it before placing it in the basket. You should flip the steak halfway through the cooking time. Air fryers cook steaks in a matter of minutes, but the thickness of the meat slice and your preference for doneness will influence the cooking time.

Fish is also easily prepared. Similar to a steak, you should season the fish fillets before cooking. They don’t need to be flipped, which makes them even easier to make than steaks.

My Top 5 Air-Fried Foods


Generally, whole pieces of meat come out of air fryers with very acceptable results. Patties of ground meat might not be quite as good as those cooked with traditional methods, but you might appreciate the easier process.

Heating Frozen Foods

The appliances are very handy for heating up frozen foods, and you’ll completely avoid the mushiness issues associated with microwaving. Air fryer cook times are generally half of what is needed in the regular oven. Breaded chicken tenders, egg rolls, waffle fries, and precut meat strips turn out very well. Unbreaded meats benefit greatly from the addition of a marinade or sauce before cooking to prevent a dry exterior.

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Although the healthful nature of prepared foods from the grocer’s freezer varies quite a bit, healthy choices exist. Regardless of the health focus of a convenience food, you’ll still enjoy convenient cooking with your air fryer and reduce expenses on takeout food.


Cooks have reported great success cooking vegetables in their air fryers. Any vegetables that you want to roast, such as peppers, butternut squash, carrots, and zucchini, simply need to be tossed with oil and cooked. You’ll need to stir vegetable pieces once or twice to cook them evenly.

How to Fry Vegetables in an Airfryer

Best Applications

As an electric appliance, air fryers have the ability to play a role everywhere from luxury kitchens to a campground with electrical power. A variety of people could find them beneficial in multiple situations.

No Oven Available

The appliances offer great value to people who may not have an oven where they want to cook food. Someone who wants to cook in a dorm room, office, or man cave might really appreciate the versatility and ease of an air fryer.

Foodie Fun

If you enjoy experimenting with food, an air fryer will let you explore new cooking approaches. Your food creativity might flourish as you master a new tool.

Another Helping Hand

People who need to make large meals often wish that they had a second oven. The air fryer presents a relatively affordable way to increase your cooking capacity. It could also be handy if you have a household member with food restrictions like an allergy. You could designate the air fryer for special dishes that need to be segregated from other foods.

Healthy Meals for Singles

If takeout food represents the bulk of your diet because you don’t want to cook for one, an air fryer could change the equation. Air fryers work well with small portions. Their ease of use could help you get in the habit of cooking for yourself.

Return on Investment

Because air fryers cost between $70 and $400, you’ll want to think about the value they may or may not add to your life.

Money Saving Advantages


  • You’ll reduce energy costs over the course of a year. The small appliance uses less power than a full-size oven. You also won’t add heat to your home on hot days when your air conditioner is running. If you live alone, the air fryer could serve most of your cooking needs.
  • You’ll spend less money on oil. If you’re currently using a deep fryer, you know how much it costs to fill it with oil.
  • Time is money, and an air fryer’s ability to cook some foods faster might help you manage a busy lifestyle.
  • If an air fryer enables you to cook more meals at home, you’ll accrue savings by not buying food from restaurants. Home cooking provides the opportunity to improve your nutrition without increasing food costs.



  • If you need to prepare large meals, an air fryer might be too small. You have to be careful not to crowd the basket with food, and cooking large amounts will require multiple cooking sessions.
  • You might decide that the small compromises in quality for fried foods compared to a traditional deep fryer are not worth it for you.
  • Your initial excitement about the appliance might wear off, and it will just sit there unused.
  • You’ll need to invest time to discover the best methods and time settings to produce quality results for your preferred foods.
  • You might not have room for it in your kitchen. They need a couple feet of counter space.

Making Your Decision

The topics explored here should help you reflect on your personal preferences and goals in relation to an air fryer purchase. You’ve learned that the appliance’s capabilities go beyond fried foods. They excel at heating frozen foods, preparing vegetables, meats, and even baked goods.

The investment in the appliance could produce dividends on multiple fronts, including lower electricity usage and less spending on takeout food. The appliance gives you an excellent opportunity for planning home meals, which are associated with better nutrition. Keeping in mind the foods that you like to eat, you should study air fryer product reviews to identify the model with the features that will meet your needs.

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