Farberware HF-919B

Are you looking for an affordable, entry-level air fryer? Then look no further than the Farberware HF-919B! Perfectly sized to make food for 1-2 people, this basic fryer gets the job done. Make all the crispy, fried foods you enjoy with little or no oil!

This unit can fry, bake, broil, reheat and even stir-fry! It has enough capacity to cook food for two people, and if you cook in batches can prepare a full meal in less time than your oven! This is a great choice for those just getting started in air frying, who want a smaller unit at a good price.

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Farberware HF-919B Review

Let’s take a closer look at the top features and then unbox this unit together.

Key Features of the Farberware HF-919B

Simple Manual Controls

Setting this unit couldn’t be easier! Just turn the dial to select the temperature from 175-400F in 25 degree increments, and then select the cooking time from 1-30 minutes!

Printed Cooking Guide

There is a handy cooking guide printed right on the side of the unit! You won’t have to scramble for the manual when cooking your favorites, just peek at the guide and you are on your way.

Medium Capacity

At 3.2 quarts, this little fryer can hold up to two pounds of food! This is enough space for several chicken breasts, enough fries or onion rings for two, a mini quiche or a small frozen pizza. This is the perfect size for a small household of 1 to 2 people.

Simple, Modern Design

This basic unit has a simple design that is functional and will look good in any kitchen. The exterior is an easy-to-clean black plastic that will look modern for years to come.

Auto Shut Off

Never worry that your food will over cook! Once the timer completes, the unit turns itself off for you!

Non-stick Basket and Detachable Pan

These parts are non-stick and BPA-free. Your food will slide right out of the pan, and the basket and pan are both dishwasher safe. No messy clean-up needed!

What Comes Inside the Box?

Your fryer comes with everything you need to start cooking tonight!

The Farberware HF-919B includes:

  • The main unit
  • Removable basket and detachable pan
  • Recipe book with 25 recipes
  • Instruction manual

What We Like

  • Great price for entry level unit.
  • Simple manual controls that are easy to set.
  • Non-slip feet on the bottom prevent the unit from being moved accidentally during use.
  • Unit has a two year manufacturer’s warranty against defect.

What We Don’t Like

  • A little too small to make a full meal for 2 without batch cooking.
  • Unit takes up a lot of counter space (16 inches tall and 14.2 x 14.2 inches).
  • Most air fryer accessories will not fit this unit.
  • Basket and pan are only warrantied for 60 days.

What Customers Are Saying

The reviews for this fryer are very positive! Most users are first-time air fryer users, and this unit has gotten them hooked! Many reviewers say they use it multiple times a week, and use it in place of their oven or stove top. Several reviewers have small kitchens and say this fryer is worth the loss of counter space. Most users think the unit was well worth the cost.

A few wrote that it is too small for them, since they have to batch cook if making more than one dish or trying to make a full meal for two. Some users have had problems with their unit not coming with an instruction manual. A few report that after several months of daily use the non-stick coating on the basket and pan began to wear away. If you use your unit frequently you may have to replace these parts.

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This is a great, low cost option for people just getting started out in air frying, or for those who want a medium-sized unit with manual controls. The simple and modern design will fit into any kitchen, and it has enough capacity for a small family. It is a no-frills unit with few accessories but it can’t be beat for the value.

If you use it frequently, the basket and pan may need to be replaced. If you anticipate a lot of use, you may want to consider getting an additional warranty from Walmart. Overall, most buyers are very satisfied with this fryer!

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