Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER100B Review

Quick Summary

Avalon Bay is a family-owned company that offers an array of small home appliances. They are known for providing affordable products that are reliable. In addition to air fryers, they also make ice makers, wine coolers, and induction cooktops.

The Avalon Bay Air Fryer AB-Airfryer100B is a budget-friendly air fryer designed for one to two people. It offers the best value for the money, especially because of the accessories included. Understanding the pros and cons will help you decide if it’s right for you.


  • 60-minute timer
  • Multiple temperatures allow you to cook different foods
  • Includes several accessories, including a baking dish


  • The 3.7-quart size limits the amount of food you can cook at a time

Don’t Forget These

What Comes in the Box

In addition to the air fryer itself, you will get a multi-use rack, a non-stick baking dish, and a 52-page cookbook.

Weight, Size & Appearance

The Avalon Bay air fryer comes in black, red, or white, allowing you to coordinate with your kitchen. The unit is small enough to fit under most cabinets, which makes it easy to keep on your counter at all times. It’s 13.5 by 11 inches and stands 12.8 inches high. It also has non-skid feet so you don’t have to worry about it moving all around when it’s being used.

Cooking Capacity & Basket

The basket is relatively standard, being made of non-BPA plastic. It’s completely detachable so you can transfer food with ease. It’s spacious enough to hold eight to 10 chicken wings, a small roast, and many other foods.

Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER100B Features

The construction of the air fryer is good. It works similar to a convection oven and you can select food temperatures up to 100 degrees. It’s a good size for individuals or couples at 3.7 quarts. It also has a large number of positive reviews.

The 1400 watts of power is enough to cook your favorite foods without the oil. The AB-Airfryer100B model has manual controls, which makes it easy to use.

The interior basket is made of plastic, so it has been known to come apart at times. Additionally, the controls are manual, which some people have said are not as easy to use as the digital controls found on other models.

The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer230B is similar to that of the 100B, though it has digital controls.

Warranty & Guarantee

A 90-day return is provided with the purchase. It allows you to get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the air fryer in any way.

Key Features

What are the best features of this product?

  • The temperature ranges from 160 to 400 degrees
  • Detachable food basket makes it easy to transfer food
  • A 60-minute timer can be set and shuts the unit off automatically
  • A 52-page Avalon Bay cookbook is included to provide ideas

Bottom Line

Should I Buy the Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER100B?

The Avalon Bay air fryer offers a lot of great features to make it easy to use. You can cook many foods in a healthy way with a 60-minute timer that automatically shuts off the unit. When you’re looking for a small capacity air fryer, it’s worth giving this one a try.

Don’t Forget Your Cookbook

BrandAvalon Bay
Model NumberAB-AIRFRYER100B

Black, White, Red

Warranty1-Year Limited

Technical Specifications

Capacity Volume3.4 quarts
Adjustable TemperatureYes
Auto Shut-OffYes
Dimensions (inches)11 x 12.8 x 13.5
Weight11 lbs

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