Air Fryer French Fries


Begin by preheating your air fryer to 350 degrees. Depending on your make and model of air fryer this temperature can very slightly.
Carefully chop your potatoes into your preferred shape and size.
Add your chopped potatoes to a bowl and mix thoroughly with your seasonings. (You may add a small amount of oil at this point if you feel so inclined.)
Once your Air Fryer is heated to 350 degrees place your fries in the tray.
Let the fries cook for 6 minutes and increase air fryer temperature to 380 degrees.
Remove the fries from the fryer and shuffle them around with tongs being careful not to burn yourself.
Cook for another 15 minutes while flipping the fries over 2-3 more times during this time.
Remove fries when they are golden brown all over.
Serve while hot.
This is a fantastic and easy to prepare recipe for air fryer fries. This recipe can me made with or without the use of any oil!