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In 2010, a new player took to the field, and it was a game changer for reheated meals. Air fryers not only cook foods to a crispy golden brown, but they can be used to reheat food to its original tasty perfection.

Imagine reheated pizza slices with bubbling cheese and a crisp crust; yesterday’s French fries, no longer soggy; or day-old pastries that taste fresh from the bakery. That’s what an air fryer can do for you.

When the first countertop microwave oven hit the market in 1967, it started a foodie revolution. No longer was leftover pizza – or any other leftover – eaten cold by necessity. No, a few seconds in the microwave, and your leftovers had come back to life. Then, there was the introduction of the T.V. dinner – an entire prepared meal that only required a few minutes of heating. Life was good.

The downside of the microwave oven was that food heated within often took on a rubbery texture. Foods meant to be eaten crisp could become soggy, a result of the microwave’s excitation of water molecules to produce heat.