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Avalon Air Fryers

Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER100B Review   Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary Avalon Bay is a family-owned company that offers an array of small home appliances. They are known for providing…

Bella Air Fryer Review

Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary The Bella 14538 2.6 Quart Air Fryer offers everything you would expect from a smaller air fryer. This low cost model has simple temperature…

Black & Decker Purify Air Fryers

BLACK+DECKER HF100WD Review Quick Summary The famous Black + Decker name is a household word that implies quality, excellent design, and superior engineering. Their air fryer line is fairly new…

Chefman Air Fryers

Chefman RJ38-P1 Review Quick Summary The Chefman RJ38-P1 is a small, attractive air fryer with adjustable settings and a digital display. The sleek design of this Chefman air fryer blends…

Cooks Essentials Air Fryers

Cooks Essentials K44642 Review Brand Cooks Essentials Model Number K44642 Color Warranty 60-day Limited   Technical Specifications Capacity Volume 5.3 quarts Controls Digital Adjustable Temperature Yes Timer Yes Auto Shut-Off…

Dash Compact Air Fryer Review

Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary The Dash Compact Air Fryer comes from a company focused on giving people the tools to cook at home. This air fryer has a…

Farberware Air Fryers

Farberware HF-919B Review Quick Summary People trust the Farberware brand, and even better the HF-919B (we’ll call it the 919 for short) is not Farberware’s first venture into the air…

FrenchMay Air Fryer Review

Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary Air frying has become popular due to its health benefits. The FrenchMay Air Fryer offers a lot of benefits to work with. It’s multi-functional,…

Gourmia Air Fryers

Gourmia GAF355 Review Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary Air Fryers, the magic counter top machines that simulate frying without immersing foods in oil, have been popular for long enough that…

GoWISE USA Air Fryers

GoWISE USA XL GW22731 Review Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary From pasta machines to air fryers, GoWise is known for its modern, stylish, forward thinking designs. They offer phone…

Midea Air Fryers

Midea MFTN3501 Review Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary Midea is the new kid on the air fryer market but it is a global company with a long history of…

Philips Air Fryers

Phillips HD9240/94 Review Shop for on Amazon Brand Philips Model Number HD9240/94 Color Warranty 2-year   Technical Specifications Capacity Volume 4 quarts Controls Digital Adjustable Temperature Yes Timer Yes Auto…

Power Air Fryer XL Review

  Brand Power Model Number  PAFB-53 Color Black, Red Warranty 60-day limited warranty   Technical Specifications Capacity Volume 5.3 quarts Controls Digital Adjustable Temperature Yes Timer Yes Auto Shut-Off Yes…

Presto (Air Daddy) 03421 Review

Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary The Presto Air Daddy air fryer, model 03421, allows you to cook large meals for yourself, your family and your friends. The 4.2 quart…

Secura Air Fryers

Secura SAF-40 Review Shop for on Amazon Quick Summary The Secura SAF-40 electric hot air fryer attracts buyers looking for a medium price point and ease of use. You can…

Todd English Air Fryers

Todd English 467-995 Review Brand Todd English Model Number 467-995 Color Black – True black Blue – Deep royal blue Copper – Burnt orange Gray – Light gray Red –…

Recent Reviews

  • Kelly MacDonald on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI had my air fryer for 2 months and loved the functionality and food but the nonstick surface on the inside of the outer layer (not the basket) started chipping. I returned it.
  • Chickie on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI bought an air fryer XL. Absolutely love it. I have cooked homemade fries, cod, calamari, and clams. I have had the air fryer just over a week. Very easy to clean. I am going to try something new every day.
  • patricia cavanaugh on Cooks Essentials Air FryersThis appliance came without a manual. The digital buttons are not very easy to identify at first glance. Why wasn't there a manual with the appliance, instead of having to go to the computer? Not a very good way of accommodating a consumer who is investing their money and looking for a quick and easy way to prepare meals. All appliances should come with a manual, in the box it was shipped in.
  • Anna T Zager on Todd English Air FryersI am having problems with the todd english 5.3 air fryer, the outer part where controls are marked are all wearing off, tried to call factory, no response. Evine says they do not cover cosmetics, how do you see what to do if you do not have the symbols.
  • Tammi Enoch on Cooks Essentials Air FryersI had mine less then a year is makes a loud clicking noise it's out of Warranty so I have to replace it...
  • Angela on Todd English Air FryersI received an error reading and it stopped air frying why? What did I do wrong?
  • Clifford Ford on GoWISE USA Air FryersI have the GW22731 and after one week it started leaking water from the bottom which I suspect is condensation from the steam which is not a problem. The problem is when I tilted it back to see where the water was coming from it started beeping and the digital display started flashing. When I put the basket and tray back in it stops flashing and beeping. When I pull the basket and tray back out it starts beeping and flashing again. Can you tell me what this is and will it ever stop.
  • Pat Williamson on Chefman Air FryersI Purchased a Chefman RJ-38 air fryer this week...But there was not cookbook in the box.. there was a user guide, but no cookbook.. Thank you, I can wait to try some recipes....
  • Mary on FrenchMay Air Fryer ReviewI have this air fryer. It works fine but I noticed the basket that holds the food is starting to rust already. I’ve only had it about a month. If you purchase this, watch for rust. Especially under the top rolled edge.
  • Indira on Philips Air FryersOnly one world to describe it, excellent!
  • Tom Frost on FrenchMay Air Fryer ReviewI have had my Frenchmay air fryer for about 3 months, I use it at least once a week. The both baskets are beginning to PEEL, it does not seem to be dishwasher safe. I must say spending $100:00 ( approximately) for something that does not lived up to its standards is very disappointing, I could have bought a cheaper one but I believed you get what you pay for. I emailed FrenchMay but have NEVER heard back from them.
  • Debbie Abramo on FrenchMay Air Fryer ReviewI am not sure if I am using it wrong but it does not seem to cook the food in time aloted.
  • JOANN on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI bought a power air fryer about 3 months ago..... The 1st time I use it I want to clean it with a light sponge... And for some reason the black paint of the bottom of it started coming off... So now the black paint is gone and it is like a Gray Because the black is off the bottom of I am very disappointed in this product I paid alot of money for this
  • Susan on Cooks Essentials Air FryersI have had this for less then 2 years and have only used it for french fries, pizza and recently chicken. But suddenly it overheats and the fan stops so it doesn't cook. I can't find any information on this at all. Sometimes I find things that say just get a new one. It isn't that old and we spent good money on it and trying to see what the problem is. There is nothing in the troubleshooting on this issue too. Disappointed limited warranty is only 2 months, should have made me suspicious. 2 stars since it was great while it worked.
  • James on Cooks Essentials Air FryersWorks great but basket is flaking and pealing
  • Christina Bradley on FrenchMay Air Fryer ReviewI have it and like it. I've cooked gigantic chicken breast in it twice, messed up the first time because I didn't cook long enough. Cannot really go by the preset times, learned a lot from Facebook groups and a friend who had been using one for a couple years and owns 4 don't all me why. But ut the second time it was the best chicken I've ever tasted. So good. Tonight I did a bunch of seasoned shrimp whew! So good in about 10 minutes, again, not with presets. I wish I had waited to get the Christmas sale prices and that it came with accessories but nothing to complain about thus far.
  • GoBunnell on FrenchMay Air Fryer ReviewStill looking for more variety recipe 's and fry pan
  • Laura on Cooks Essentials Air FryersHow do you change it to "roast"?
  • Linda Hawkins on Todd English Air FryersJust received this . Plugged it in lights came on. And nothing happens. Call customer service. Recording email us. You can not talk to any one! Calling customer service where we ordered it! They don’t answer. I’m excited to have it. But not if I can’t fix these issues.
  • Tommy on Black & Decker Purify Air FryersI've owned this air fryer for about 6 months. I purchased it at Macy's on sale for 25% off thinking I must have gotten a really good deal right. Now being more of a seasoned air fryer pro I definitely think I could have gotten something better with a little more research. My biggest surprize has been how fast an air fryer cooks various foods and how much more convenient cooking is. My intention of the air fryer purchase was to eat healthier and since it didn't require any oil. Let's just say that plan backfired quite a bit, I just ate twice as much because everything I cooked was so so good. Some of my favorites foods to cook are sweet potato fries, chicken tenders, and chicken wings. I experimented with making low carb fried chicken with pork rinds...
  • Debbie on Cooks Essentials Air FryersI love my Cooks Essentials air fryer! I use it every single day! I highly recommend this fryer.
  • Tish on Cooks Essentials Air FryersI have had the Cooks Essentials for less than a month, and while it cooks beautifully, the no stick surface in the bucket started peeling off two days ago. Unfortunately, I have read that this is a recurring problem with some air fryers. Fortunately, QVC, where it was purchased is replacing it with a new one. It cooked the best baked potatoes I ever ate, and I have used it about six times and have cooked a grilled cheese sandwich, ribs, hot wings, and chicken thighs. The food has yet to disappoint, but I am so upset about the no stick surface. If the new one doesn't peel, I will use it quite a bit.
  • Gena on Philips Air FryersI was hesistant at first when I bought my airfryer, but was glad that I did. I cooked tofu, springrolls and even muffins with no/less oil. It was wonderful and cleaning was a breeze. I love my airfryer!
  • Robin on Philips Air FryersIts easy to clean and easy to operate.The only problems is the air vent its hard to clean.If its not clean after every use it will get smoke easily.Since we have our air fry we don't use our oven that's much.We eat healthy and less time for cooking meals for our family.Its not taking up much space in our kitchen bench and its easy to store in the pantry. Not only that it is so useful on road trip on a caravan no mess less space.I recommend it to my families n friends and they looking to buy one as it is so easy n quick for cooking snack like chiko without the oily taste that I get from takeaway.
  • Sibyl Pomeroy on GoWISE USA Air FryersMy AirFryer cooks any frozen fried food beautifully. They come out crispy on the outside and juice on the inside. I love that I can adjust my temperature and time but it is also nice to have the preset menu. I use less oil sometimes all it needs is a mist of oil. Being Filipino, I needed to learn how to make crispy fried lumpia in my Airfryer and all I had to do was dip each in oil and put them in the airfryer. They came out crispy and I all it took was pressing a few buttons and waiting until it beeped. I am excited to learn how to cook other dishes for sure! Also, the baskets fit my dishwasher perfectly or if I'm in time crunch washing them is super easy.
  • Simon on GoWISE USA Air FryersThe inner pan and basket started chipping the first week I used it. The company sent me a new pan but the basket is out of stock and it's been two months now. Customer service seemed annoyed to have to replace it and told me it was rare for them to chip. I'm worried I won't get a new basket because they have no idea when how long it will be. ????
  • Terrie on GoWISE USA Air FryersBought mine after a friend was talking about hers and how well it made french fries. Love this... i have made the best chicken we've ever had.. only issues are sometimes you can't slide the basket back in, just take it completely out and start over works everytime! Also under the basket is starting to peel and the basket has scratched a bit. Love my airfryer... we are having a blast experimenting with the many possibilities! As stated makes the best chicken without the guilt! Only regret is not buying one sooner.. i tell anyone who will listen how amazing this thing is!
  • Debbiefaz on GoWISE USA Air FryersIt cooks evenly. We make everything in it! We use Very little oil and comes out crunchy. Super easy to clean. Even tho it has preset options i never use them, i use it instead of my oven. Its faster than an oven. Easy to clean, easy to use. Perfect basket size. I tell all my friends to buy it.
  • Guest on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI bought one the cooks essential first I thought about one for a long time then about 1 month later I bought the other one. I love them and use them use them sometimes 4-5 times a day I use them more than any other way of cooking. I love the idea of no or little grease but the great taste of fried foods. I have boiled eggs and scrambled them also made fry pies many kinds of different types of meat and sea food. The list goes on and on I would be lost without my air fryer. I had to share and bought one for both of my daughters and they and my granddaughter use them a lot also. I am going to try baking bread next can hardly wait to see how it turns out. food tastes...
  • Katie on Black & Decker Purify Air FryersI received this as a gift and absolutely love it. It makes cooking dinner so easy! I love to cook steak, hamburgers, French fries and veggies in my air fryer. My children, who are usually very picky eaters love everything that comes out of the air fryer. They are even eating all of their veggies now! I have been able to make a lot of different recipes and they all come out so crispy and flavorful with very minimal oil. I love how fast everything cooks in the air fryer. The machine is also very quiet and very easy to clean. I love it!!
  • Christie on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewAbsolutely love mine. Got the smaller one first, loved it so much we get the bigger one so we could cook more than one thing at a time
  • Julie G on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI absolutely love my air fryer. It makes cooking so fast and easy. I have a complete meal cooked in under 30 minutes. I love the fact that I don't have a pan full of stinky grease on my stove and splattered all over my kitchen. My whole family owns this air fryer and love it. This air fryer comes pre programmed with times and temperatures for a handful of popular foods. I would highly recommend everyone purchase an air fryer. I bought he larger 5.3 quart and really like how much it holds.
  • Lynda on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewI love everything I cook is oil free cooking. Loved before but even more now that my husband recenly had a heart attack and is on a healthy heart diet. So easy to fix meals he can have. I have convinced my kids and grandkids that they all purchased also. My siblings have too. My grandaugher says I should be a salesman for them cause I love sharing recipes with them all I plan to purchase another one so I can cook more than one thing at a time. We love chicken and fish and with the airfryer we did not have to give up our crispy fried meats. Baked potatoes are so delicious in the fryer. The skin is golden crispy so good and nutritious to eat. My daughter works long hours so we taught her 14 old son...
  • Sue on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewLove the airfryer, use it about 4 times a week, cook breakfast casseroles, meatloaf, Italian sausage, links and bulk, pork tenderloin, grilled cheese, chicken breasts etc, it makes cooking dinner a breeze.
  • Jhill on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewMy air fryer arrived yesterday.... I could hardly wait to open the box! I rushed out to the store to get French fries, that's the first thing I wanted to make. They turned out perfect!!!! Crunchy and yummy, just like we love French fries. I would recommend this product to everyone based on my first experience alone and cannot wait to make more recipes. Thanks a million :).
  • Rotorhead321 on Power Air Fryer XL ReviewLove it! Quick lunch with chicken strips and tater tots, getting brave and will try a chicken this weekend
  • Vicki Day on Black & Decker Purify Air FryersLove it. Eating fried foods without oil is so much healthier. Easy to clean, cost effective. Great product and easy to use. Tried so many different foods in my air fryer. Would definitely recommend to family and friends, give as gifts. Great for any family, presents for weddings, birthdays, Christmas. Easy to use, clean. Great for small and large families. I love to eat fried foods and with the oil-less fryer, I can eat more fried foods without the guilt of eating fried foods. Only regret is not buying one sooner. Great value for the money and spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews before making my purchase.