17 Best Air Fryer Accessories

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If you’re like many home chefs, you no doubt love your air fryer. Perhaps you enjoy the speed with which it cooks, the health benefits, or the versatility.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that your air fryer can do even more. Yes, really! All you will need is a few simple accessories. From oil sprayers to meat thermometers and much more, check out the following list of the best air fryer accessories on the market.

Accessories for Air Fryers

1. Air Fryer Accessory Kits

Air fryer accessory kits are a good place to start as they offer the best selection of cooking accessories in a curated bundle. This five-piece accessory kit, for example, is “universal,” designed to fit in most air fryer brands, including Philips, Cozyna, GoWise, and Power Air Fryer.

The kit includes a round barrel-style cake pan with a convenient handle, a round deep dish pizza pan, a metal holder rack to maximize cooking surfaces within your air fryer, a multipurpose cooking rack with optional kabob skewers, and a silicon mat to protect countertops and other surfaces from hot pans.

Air Fryer Accessories for Gowise Phillips and Cozyna
  • 100 percent COMPATIBLE WITH PHILIPS AIR FRYER AND MORE This universal Air Fryer Accessory set fits all standard Air Fryers 3.7qt. Each accessory pairs especially well with all Cozyna, Philips, Gowise and Power Air Fryers.
  • 6 PIECE AIR FRYER ACCESSORY KIT. This Cozyna Air Fryer Accessory Kit includes 1 Mini Cake silicone pan, 1 Cake Barrel, 1 Pizza Pan, 1 Metal Holder, 1 Multi Purpose Rack with Skewers and 1 Silicone Mat
  • EXPAND YOUR COOKING REPERTOIRE If you love your Air Fryer now, imagine what culinary masterpieces you can make with this 5 piece accessory pack Bake your favorite cake in the Cake Barrel, cook delicious pizza in the Pizza Pan, maximize your cooking surface with the Metal Holder and make skewers with the Multi Purpose Rack And on top of that, protect your household surfaces with the Silicone Mat
  • 100 percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Purchase with confidence today with our 60 day money back guarantee
  • DISHWASHER SAFE Each airfryer accessory is dishwasher safe for a quick, easy and hassle free clean up.

The accessory kit is available in two sizes to best suit your air fryer model. The 3.7 quart accessory kit can be used with small or large air fryers. The included items are approximately 7 inches in diameter. For larger air fryers, such as XL models, we recommend the 5.3 to 5.8 quart accessory kit. This kit includes a 7.5 inch cake pan, an 8 inch pizza pan, 7 inch racks, and a 6 inch silicone mat.

2. Oil Sprayers

Oil sprayers offer a unique boon for healthy cooking. Oil sprayers allow you to use a cooking oil of your choice, including cold-pressed oils such as olive or grapeseed oil. Unlike store bought cooking oil sprays, oil sprayers do not contain aerosol or other chemical propellants, making them safer for your family and the environment.

Evo oil sprayer bottles come in three sizes – 8 ounce, 16 ounce stainless steel, and 18 ounce. The unique fan pattern of the hand-pump oil sprayer is perfect for oiling a baking dish or lightly oiling foods such as French fries for preparation in your air fryer. Each pump dispenses approximately 1.35 milliliters of oil. You can also use your sprayer with vinegar to add a splash of flavor to salads and more.

Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle for Olive Oil and Cooking Oils
  • Made from Latex, BPA, and DEHP free plastic
  • Refillable and reusable
  • Sprays oils without the use of aerosols
  • Sprays oil in vertical and horizontal fan pattern for optimum coverage and control
  • Attractive bottle made for display in your kitchen

Accessory kits are also available to make using your oil sprayer even easier. Accessories include a twist-on funnel for easy bottle refilling, and three stretchable oil identification bands for labeling your bottle as containing canola oil, balsamic vinegar, peanut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil.

3. Parchment Paper Liners

Parchment air fryer liners are designed to make cleanup quick and easy. Rather than taking on the time consuming task of cutting rolled parchment paper to fit your air fryer, you can use one of these pre-fitted liners. The 9 inch diameter round liners are a perfect fit for most air fryers, including 5.3 to 5.8 quart air fryers.

The liners provide a non-stick surface, and the included ventilation holes facilitate the air flow that is so vital to air frying. The paper liners are one hundred percent natural, non-toxic wood-based paper, and can withstand intense 450 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for up to 20 minutes – or longer at lower temperatures to facilitate longer cooking times. You can choose from bleached white parchment or natural brown parchment. The liners come in packs of 100, meaning you will be ready to prepare 100 mess-free meals!

Perforated Parchment Non-Stick Air Fryer Liners
  • ❀ 9 Inches Pre-cut Size ❀ 9 inch air fryer parchment paper are made available for 9 inch air fryer basket/metal steamer/bamboo steamer/ovens /microwaves (Tip: Please measure the dimension of the inner basket and choose the suitable size you need).
  • ❀ Non-Toxic & Non-Stick ❀ Parchment paper for air fryer are made from 100% food grade pulp, no fluorescent agent, hygienic, 100% safe. And the non stick coating on the surface allows you to pick up the perfect food. So you can enjoy healthy and nice food.
  • ❀ Ensure Steam Circulation ❀ All the holes of air fryer parchment paper are designed well conforms to the working principle of the air fryer. The size and number of holes can not only accelerate the air circulation in the air fryer to maintain the taste of food, but also the perfect shape of food.
  • ❀ Heat Resistant ❀ Our air fryer paper liners have good heat resistance and can withstand up to 450 ℉(230 ℃).To ensure you have a safe and good use experience, you need to put enough food on airfryer parchment liners after preheating the air fryer.
  • ❀ Easy to Clean ❀ Numola air fryer parchment liners can protect the coating of the inner basket in the air fryer, keeping your steamers and air fryers free from food residue, reducing the damage to the non-stick coating. Make sure your pot still looks a new one after many times of use.

4. Instant Meat and Food Thermometer

Reaching appropriate internal temperatures is essential to safely preparing meats and other foods. Take the guesswork out of cooking – and never overcook a turkey or a roast again – when you use Harbor’s Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer.

This compact, foldable thermometer can be used with a variety of food items, including meats, casseroles, cakes, candies, and liquids. Simply insert the metal probe into the food item, and the digital display will indicate the internal temperature within four to five seconds. The thermometer is very accurate, with an accuracy range of plus or minus 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermometer is suited to a wide range of cooking applications, and can detect temperatures within the range of negative 49 degrees Fahrenheit to 392 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 45 to 200 degrees Celsius). A meat safety temperature chart is printed on the back of the thermometer for easy reference. The item comes in your choice of red or black.

5. Appliance Sliders

Some air fryer owners have reported granite countertops cracking due to the appliance’s high heat. Others find keeping a crowded countertop organized to be a challenge. The Handy Caddy appliance slider is the answer to both of these issues.

The Handy Caddy is designed to protect your countertops from the appliances above. It also provides easy access to heavy appliances that normally fit under your kitchen cabinets. Use the caddy to slide the appliance forward when you want to use it, and slide it back out of the way – providing extra counter space – when you are done.

This appliance caddy is 12 inches long when closed, fitting the footprint of most air fryers. Two caddies can be used side by side to fit wider models. When fully extended, the caddy reaches 21 inches in length. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Handy Caddy Appliance Slider
  • Milen Handy
  • Small Appliance
  • Caddy; Black;
  • As Seen On
  • Tv; 077-3075; New

Cookware & Baking Pans

6. Baking Pan

No doubt you will enjoy extra baking pans for your air fryer, even if you’ve already purchased an accessory kit. A la cart baking pan options include additional sizes, and having multiple pans will allow you to bake for a crowd or prepare a number of dishes for a single meal.

This baking pan is 6.1 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep. It is designed to fit a number of 2.75 to 5.3 quart air fryer brands, including but not limited to Philips, GoWise USA , Power Air Fryer, Cook’s Essentials, Nu-Wave, Black and Decker, Faberware, Ivation, Emeril, Secura, Della, Chefman, Cooks Companion, Avalon Bay, and Simple Chef Gourmia. The non-stick pan is dishwasher safe and can also be used in the oven or in an instant pot. It comes with a 15 recipe air fryer cooking ebook.

Baking Pan for Air Fryer and Instant Pot
  • Durable Nonstick Coating: Made with a nonstick coating that allows for easy food release and cleaning.
  • Fits Most Pressure Cookers: Designed to fit 3-5 quart pressure cookers like Instant Pot, COSORI, Ninja Foodi, Gowise, Philips, NuWave, Power, and Farberware.
  • Multi-Use: Can be used for baking, air frying, roasting, broiling, and more in the oven.
  • Temperature Control: Features a temperature control range of 300°F to 500°F for even cooking and browning.
  • Compact Size: Measures 12 inches x 15 inches x 2.25 inches and weighs 7.6 ounces for convenient storage and portability.

7. Cake Pans

Air fryer cake pans are versatile accessories. You’ll be able to bake like a pro when you add specialty cake pans to your air fryer collection. For example, a springform pan is available in three sizes – a four inch heart, a seven inch round, and a nine inch round. Springform pans have a latch on the side that loosens the side of the pan and releases the bottom in order to carefully remove delicate baked goods such as cheesecake or tiramisu. This pan is rated for temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and coated with a non-toxic, BPA free non-stick coating for easy cleanup. Hand wash with a sponge or soft cloth to preserve the non-stick lining.

Non-stick Springform Pan
  • Durable heavy gauge steel construction with nonstick coating for effortless release. Perfect 7 inch size for 6Qt or 8Qt instant pot pressure cooker.
  • Spring latch offering a tight leak-proof seal makes baking mess-free with an easy cleanup.
  • Heat-resistance temperature: 445℉ (230℃);Made of a strong, durable, substantial material, BPA free, nontoxic black and red nonstick coating. Microwave oven safe.
  • Hand wash only. Choose soft tools and mild detergent when you clean it to protect non-stick coating. Avoid sharp and rough tools to scratch the pan.
  • 180 Days Quality Assurance Guarantee; If you have any problem with your order, we would be happy to issue you a full refund or send you a replacement.

Another option is Fat Daddio’s anodized aluminum pans with removable bottoms. Place the removable bottom in the pan’s base before filling. After baking, invert the pan and push down on the opening to remove the cake intact. These pans come in a variety of sizes to fit your air fryer, ranging from 3 inch diameter and 2 inch depth to 12 inch diameter and 3 inch depth. The 7 inch by 3 inch pan is well suited to most air fryer brands.

Aluminum Round Cheesecake Pan with Removable Bottom
  • IDEAL FOR ANY CAKE RECIPE - Designed for cheesecakes, these pans are ideal for upside-down cakes, tiramisu, ice cream cakes and other specialty desserts where the top needs to be preserved. Simply push up the bottom to de-pan.
  • FITS PERFECTLY - Fits 6 & 8-quart pressure cookers and 3.4, 4, 5.3 & 10-quart air fryers. Interior measures 7" x 3" (17.8 x 7.6 cm), overall 8" x 3" (20.3 x 7.6 cm).
  • 16-GAUGE ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Easy release and clean up. Safe for citrus-based foods unlike traditional bakeware. Will never rust, peel or flake. No extra metals, chemical additives, dyes, PTFE’s or PFOA’s. Hand wash recommended.
  • HEATS & COOLS QUICKER - By reflecting heat, rather than absorbing heat, ProSeries cake pans reach baking temperatures faster. Even heating allows for the best possible rise. Once out of the oven, they cool quicker preventing over-baking.
  • BUILT BAKERY TOUGH – These are the same bakeware and pastry tools baking enthusiasts and bakeries around the world depend on every day for professional results. Lifetime Warranty.

8. Ramekins

Ramekins are small baking dishes that also double as serving dishes. Due to their small size, there are often used to prepare individual servings of soup, casseroles, dips, cakes, and more.

Harold Import Co.’s Souffle Ramekin is perfect for use in your air fryer. The ramekins are made of fine white porcelain and come in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 64 ounces. The 32 ounce size is ideal for use in most air fryers as it is 6.8 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep. These durable dishes are freezer and microwave safe, oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

White Porcelain Souffle Ramekin for Baking
  • HIC’s Souffle Ramekin for baking and serving souffles, appetizers, casseroles, entrees, desserts and single-serving recipes
  • Made from fine-quality porcelain; durable; safe for freezer, microwave, oven, broiler (to 500-degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Specially designed for oven and broiler; beautifully fluted edges bake decorative souffle, cheese or egg dishes, baked mac and cheese, even desserts
  • Serve garnish, condiments, and seasonings alongside entrees, even dipping sauce, sour cream, olives, taco toppings, and more
  • Durable, versatile, complements any decor; microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

9. Bundt Pans

Bundt pans will allow you to make beautifully crafted cakes in your air fryer. Nordic Ware’s 6 Cup Bundt Pan is ideally sized for use in larger air fryers, with a diameter of 8.5 inches. The fluted sides and doughnut-like center will be sculpted into your baked goods. The pan has a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and comes in two colors, red poppy or navy.

Nordic Ware 6-Cup Bundt Pan
  • Aluminum construction provides even baking and uniform results
  • Premium non-stick interior
  • Dishwasher use is not recommended as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits perfectly into Instant Pot cookers

Attachments & Cooking Racks

10. Grill Pan

Bring the wonder of the outdoors inside when you use a grill pan with your air fryer. Three sizes of the GoWise USA grill pan insert allow you to choose the perfect fit for your GoWise air fryer. Perforations in the grill pan enable necessary airflow, and the grilling process produces healthy foods as excess grease drips away. Grill meats, fish, vegetables, and more. The dishwasher safe non-stick surface allows for easy cleanup.

11. Cooking Racks

Additional cooking racks increase the available cooking surface of your air fryer, often allowing you to cook two or more types of food at once. Specialized cooking racks, such as those with kebab skewers, add versatility to your meal prep.

Tambee offers a number of cooking rack options, including 7 and 8 inch basic racks to fit air fryers of different sizes. Interestingly, they also offer an egg steaming rack that allows you to make up to seven hardboiled eggs in your air fryer.

8 Inch Round Cooking Rack
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made from 304 stainless steel, durable and oven safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit,won't scratch surfaces
  • NO RUST - It is a fairly high quality steel and the joints are all spot welded,you can put in plenty of water for steaming ,no rust, long service life
  • Excellent Helper - Perfect fit for Air Fryer, Pressure Cooker, Canning
  • Dimension - 8" x 8" x 1.2" / 20 x 20 x 3cm (L*W*H)
  • Easy Cleaning - Hand wash in warm, soapy water

Extra large air fryer racks are designed to fit snugly in the largest air fryer models. The double rack design affords ample cooking space, and the included skewers can be used to prepare shish kabobs, corn on the cob, and more. The rack is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Food Prep

12. Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter

Crispy French fries at home is often one of the selling points of the air fryer industry. Don’t just settle for home cooked fries when you can make homemade fries from scratch! Doing so is a breeze when you employ the New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter.

This heavy-duty, cast iron tool will turn potatoes into French fries in minutes flat. The cutter can be wall or table mounted, and is equipped with suction cup feet for countertop use. Replacement parts and cutting blades of various sizes are readily available.

Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron body with stainless steel components
  • Suction feet for use on smooth counter tops
  • Can be permanently mounted on a countertop or wall
  • Easily cuts potatoes up to 6" long into 1/2" french fries
  • Makes french fries, sweet potato fries, zucchini sticks and other favorites

Simply cut, oil the fries with an oil sprayer as described above, and cook for homemade French fries that can’t be beat.

13. Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Healthy eating is one of the benefits of cooking with an air fryer. Your balanced diet should include lots of fruits and veggies, and a handy slicing tool can make preparing them a fun and simple task.

The OXO Good Grips adjustable handheld mandoline slicer comes in two sizes, large and standard. The standard size has three adjustable thickness settings, and the large size, seven. Adjustments can be made easily using the guide printed on the slicer’s window. The food holder keeps your vegetables secure while keeping your fingers safely protected from the cutting blade. This item is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer,White
  • Adjustable for slices in 3 thicknesses
  • Window shows slices below
  • Slice directly onto plate, on a cutting board or hook over a bowl
  • Non-slip handle, knob and foot
  • Dishwasher safe

14. Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

Television comedies often portray potato slicing as a kitchen punishment. With the Hasselback potato slicing rack, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use this tool to make fancy Swedish or Hasselback style potatoes that will impress your guests and family members alike.

The potato slicing rack features a sturdy wooden base with two metal prongs in its concave interior to securely hold your potato in place. Slide the stainless steel cutting guide into the groove on the base, and insert your knife between the openings of the guide. Air fry your potato and then dress it with your favorite toppings.

Charcoal Companion CC2031 Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack - Bake or Grill Delicious Potatoes In Your Kitchen or BBQ
  • Make A Delicious Swedish Baked Potato At Home
  • Cut Your Potatoes In Hasselback Style Quickly And Easily
  • Wood Base Holds Your Potato In Place As You Slice Away
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Guide Gives You Perfectly Spaced Cuts In Your Potato Without Any Guesswork
  • Measures 5.5 by 3.8 by 3.9 Inches

Hasselback potatoes offer an added benefit. Due to the increased surface area and air flow produced by the cuts, your baked potato with cook faster than ever in your air fryer.


15. Gloves

Preparing food for air fryer cooking often involves chopping, slicing, and similar tasks. You can avoid any unexpected cuts, knicks, or scrapes by wearing cut resistant gloves. OXO Good Grips cut resistant gloves come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – to accommodate chefs of every size. The gloves are slim fitting and designed to be worn on either the right or left hand. The gloves are made of tough, metallic fibers that prevent horizontal blade contact from injuring your hands.

16. Tongs

Safely flip and turn hot foods using a handy pair of tongs. OXO Good Grips tongs have a soft, slip-resistant grip and come in 9 and 12 inch sizes. The stainless steel tongs are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and feature nylon heads that won’t scratch the coatings of your non-stick air fryer accessories. They are also heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

OXO Good Grips 9-Inch Locking Tongs with Nylon Heads
  • Versatile for cooking, tossing and transferring food
  • Tongs lock closed for convenient storage
  • Sturdy, brushed stainless steel construction
  • Scalloped edges securely hold food
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests


17. Air Fryer Recipe Books

If you are new to the air frying community, you will likely welcome a few tried and tested recipes to help you get started. Here’s a list of our favorite air fryer cookbooks.

Every Day Easy Air Fryer
  • Pitre, Urvashi (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 224 Pages - 10/30/2018 (Publication Date) - Harvest (Publisher)
Air Fry Everything
  • Laurence, Meredith (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 300 Pages - 12/01/2016 (Publication Date) - Walah! LLC (Publisher)

Foolproof Recipes for Fried Favorites and Easy Fresh Ideas by “the Blue Jean Chef” Meredith Laurence (2016). Would you like to have restaurant quality fried foods at home? This cookbook is filled with over 130 recipes for such delectable favorites as blooming onions, salmon, steak, cheeseburgers, beer battered onion rings, and egg rolls.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook
  • Larsen, Linda (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 154 Pages - 07/19/2016 (Publication Date) - Rockridge Press (Publisher)

Amazingly Easy Recipes to Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast With Your Air Fryer by Linda Larsen (2016). How do “mixed berry muffins for breakfast, tuna zucchini melts for lunch, or spicy thai beef stir-fry for dinner” sound to you? This book includes over 100 recipes that both adults – and their kids – will love.

Best Air Fryer Sidekick

The Instant Pot

Every hero needs a sidekick. If an air fryer is your kitchen hero, don’t forget about the Instant Pot. Before the air fryer, pressure cooking was one method of getting the job done fast.

OUR PICK — Instant Pot
Perfect for small and large families.


The Instant Pot has a digital display with push-button controls for soup/broth, meat/stew, beans/chili, poultry, slow cooking, saute, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, yogurt, pressure cooking, warming, pressure level, and a start delay of up to 24 hours. The stainless steel cooking pot and steaming rack are chemical free. A safety lock on the lid prevents the cooker from being opened when the food is under pressure, and a sensor monitors whether the lid is in a safe position for pressure cooking..

Size and Appearance

The 6 quart capacity Instant Pot is small and cylindrical in shape. It has a brushed stainless steel exterior with black trim. The LED display is easy to read. The Instant Pot has dimensions of 13.4 by 12.2 by 12.5 inches, and weighs nearly 12 pounds.

Instant Pot + Air Fryer Recipes
  • Hardcover Book
  • Homolka, Gina (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages - 10/09/2018 (Publication Date) - Clarkson Potter (Publisher)

Now you’ve seen the best toys on the market for upping your home cooking game and getting the most out of your air fryer. Why not choose a few of these accessories and try them out today?

As you do so, check out our helpful resources designed to raise your air fryer skills from commis to home chef de cuisine in no time. Learn about which oils are best for use in your air fryer or check out the Blue Jean Chef’s recommended cooking times.