Which Air Fryers Have the Best Warranty?

image source (philips) Most consumer items, including air fryers and other appliances, are designed with a “lifespan” in view. In the science of sociology, this is referred to as being

Air Fryers for College Dorms

For college students, the back-to-school rush comes not once but twice a year, following both the summer and winter breaks. If you’re headed back to campus this semester, you’ve probably

Which Air Fryers Do Not Use Teflon Coating?

image source (philips) The non-stick coating commonly known as Teflon was invented in the 1930s. Cookware coated with Teflon made flipping foods and cleanup a breeze. Decades later, the safety

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Have you heard the buzz about air frying, and wonder if these appliances are worth the expense? Everywhere you turn you see information about the health benefits, their efficiency and

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image source (youtube) I’m sure you have seen all the articles and social media posts raving about the wonders of the air fryer. Definitely the hot kitchen appliance of 2018,

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

We are often reminded of how bad certain foods are for us. Sugary snacks and deep fried foods often top the lists of foods to avoid. Yet, television and internet

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Fried foods have been a part of human culture for centuries. Frying is a quick and easy method of cooking meats, vegetables, and breads – and it is tasty, too.

10 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks

Why should you invest in an air fryer cookbook? Air fryers are versatile, capable of cooking nearly anything you can make using an oven, microwave, deep fryer, or stovetop. You