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What Are the Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer?

Have you heard the buzz about air frying, and wonder if these appliances are worth the expense? Everywhere you turn you see information about the health benefits, their efficiency and

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

We are often reminded of how bad certain foods are for us. Sugary snacks and deep fried foods often top the lists of foods to avoid.   Yet, television and

Air Fryer Vs Pressure Cooker

Air fryers are the latest kitchen craze. They are the as-seen-on-TV powerhouse, and perhaps you already adore your own air fryer or are considering the purchase.   You may wonder,

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Fried foods have been a part of human culture for centuries. Frying is a quick and easy method of cooking meats, vegetables, and breads – and it is tasty, too.

Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

In recent years, air fryers have taken both U.S. and international markets by storm. They’ve often been called the hottest new kitchen appliance, the next kitchen craze. You may wonder,

Is an Air Fryer Good for a Keto Diet?

We all want to feel great and look our best. For some people, a low-carb or keto diet is a good way to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, diets like these

What Can You Cook in An Air Fryer?

It was my best friend who introduced me to air fryers, during a discussion about the latest culinary inventions. I love kitchen gadgets almost as much as I love fried food,