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Air Fryer XL by Cozyna (5.8QT) with airfryer cookbook (over 50 recipes) and a basket divider

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Are you looking for an air fryer with a large capacity, manual controls and a money-back guarantee? Then the Cozyna XL is the fryer you have been looking for! The perfect unit for larger families or those who want to make multiple dishes at once, it is big enough to do game hens and even a sandwich and fries!

You will use less oil and prepare healthy meals faster with this unit. A great choice for those who want to try out an air fryer, or for those who prefer a simple design, you will get excellent value from your Cozyna purchase!

Cozyna XL Air Fryer Review

Let’s take a closer look at the top features and then unbox this unit together.

Key Features of the Cozyna XL Air Fryer

50% More Capacity!

At 5.8 quarts, this unit has double the capacity of the smaller Cozyna. So you can make more of the foods you love, and even use the included divider to cook two items in the basket at once. Whether you choose to make a steak and fries, or even a roast, it has the room to handle it!

Uses 70% Less Fat

Over a traditional deep-fat fryer. This air fryer uses 1 tablespoon of oil or even less! You can have the delicious, crunchy chips and fries you want but maintain your healthy lifestyle. Less fat also means an easier clean up!


Not only does this unit work as a fryer, but it can also bake, roast and grill all of your favorite foods. You have many cooking options with this oil-less fryer!

Dishwasher Safe

Your clean-up got even easier with this air fryer. The basket and pan are safe to put in the dishwasher!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our favorite feature, Cozyna stands behind their product by offering the best guarantee on the market. If you are not satisfied with your purchase they offer a 60 day money-back return policy. There is no risk in trying it out!

What Comes Inside the Box?

The Cozyna XL comes with everything you need to start cooking tonight!

The Cozyna XL Air Fryer includes:

  • The main unit
  • Removable basket and detachable pan with divider
  • Stay-cool removable handle
  • 2 recipe books with over 50 recipes
  • Instruction manual

What We Like

  • Simple design with manual controls are easy to set and leave fewer thing to break
  • Large 5.8 quart capacity can handle most air frying tasks
  • 60 day money-back guarantee and great customer service if there is a problem!

What We Don’t Like

  • The marks on the temperature dial can be a little challenging to read for some
  • The basket can be challenging to clean by hand, and there can be a build-up of material around the sides that is hard to get off
  • The electric cord is only 1 foot long, and it is not retractable.

Cozyna XL Accessories

7 piece accessory kit This kit comes with a cake pan, a pizza pan, a mini-cake/cupcake pan, a metal rack with skewers, a metal stand for cooking two layers of food at the same time and a silicon mat for your countertop. It also includes a cookbook with 25 additional recipes you can make using your accessory kit!

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Cozyna XL Cookbook & Recipes

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What Customers Are Saying

The Cozyna gets rave reviews online. Overall people were thrilled with this fryer! Most found the dial controls easy-to-use, and the versatility of the unit gets many mentions. People loved its performance and its large capacity. One reviewer especially appreciates the manual controls, since it is one less thing to break.

A few users have had units that didn’t work or that stopped working, and one mention that the basket can come detached from the handle accidentally. Cozyna takes these complaints seriously! Many customers comment on the excellent customer service they received after reporting a problem.

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Cozyna XL Alternatives


With most of the same features as the 5.8 quart model, this manual unit is perfect for making meals for two or even two dishes at once. Backed by the same great customer service and 60 day money-back guarantee, you can feel safe buying this unit.

Digital Controls

This unit has a digital control panel and is packed with extra features! It includes 8-in-one pre-set options, an adjustable built-in reminder alarm, and includes a non-stick coated basket and cooking pan! A good choice for those who want a digital unit at a low price.

Is the Cozyna XL Air Fryer Right For You?

This is an excellent choice for both new and experienced users of air fryers. With the capacity to handle a lot of food, it comes complete with everything you need to make a large meal or several dishes at once. It is priced perfectly as a mid-level unit that will give you the flexibility to make dinner in a hurry whether you choose to fry, bake or roast.

While some users have reported problems with the heating element of their unit, the company takes these reports seriously. You will get great customer service if you have a problem. With a 60 day money-back guarantee you can’t go wrong with the Cozyna XL!

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Cozyna Air Fryer Accessories

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Cozyna Air Fryer Cookbooks

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Our Favorite Cozyna Air Fryer Picks

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