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Philips produces a stunning array of consumer products, including televisions, toothbrushes,  baby bottles, kitchen appliances, lightbulbs, medical alert systems, and shaving razors. You likely have a few Philips products in your home, but have you tried their air fryer?

Philips has long been one of the leaders in the air fryer industry. They are the self-proclaimed “#1 air fryer” in the world with more than 8 million units sold.

Does Philips have the right air fryer for you? What features should you look for? We’ve selected the best Philips air fryers for your consideration.

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Our Favorite Philips Air Fryer Picks

Best Philips Air Fryer Reviews  – Product Roundups

From tiny to family-sized, Philips air fryers are loaded with features.

Philips HD9220/28 2.75-quart

Small and simple, this air fryer makes a great starter model.

Philips Starfish Technology Airfryer with Cookbook, Black - 1.8lb/2.75qt- HD9220/28


Use the manual control knobs to easily set the time and temperature. The frying basket holds up to 28 ounces of food – nearly two pounds! It is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Automatic shutoff promotes safety and the audible alarm lets you know when your food is ready.

Size and Appearance

This air fryer is available in black or white and has two manual control knobs located on the front of the device. It weighs 15.4 pounds and has dimensions of 11.2 by 12.4 by 15.1 inches.

Philips HD9621/99 2.75-quart

This space-saving model is designed to be 20 percent smaller than Philips’ other 2.75-quart air fryers.

Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer, Analog Interface, Black - 1.8lb/2.75qt- HD9621/96


Use the manual control knobs to set the time and temperature – you can refer to the cooking guide printed right on top of the appliance. The non-stick basket and drawer are dishwasher safe. The removable handle allows you to store your air fryer even in tight spaces.

Size and Appearance

This air fryer is available in black. Manual control knobs are located on the front and top of the appliance. The flat top helps it to fit well under most kitchen shelving. It has dimensions of 14.3 by 10.4 by 11.4 inches and weighs just over 15 pounds.

Philips HD9641/99 2.75-quart

This small Philips air fryer includes a digital interface.

Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer with Cookbook, Digital Interface, 1.8lb/2.75qt- HD9641/99


Technology buffs will enjoy this upgrade from Philips’ manual air fryer controls. The digital display on the front of the appliance has buttons for time, temperature, power, and more. You can also use the “QuickControl” dial – set the temperature, click it, and turn it again to set the cooking time. Click once more to begin cooking. This model is also 20 percent smaller than the original Philips 2.75-quart air fryer. The non-stick cooking basket and drawer are dishwasher safe.

Size and Appearance

This air fryer is available in classic black. It weighs just over 15 pounds and has the dimensions of 13.6 by 13.6 by 14.1 inches.

Philips HD9240/94 3.5-quart

Need a larger air fryer? This model with a digital display could be the one.

Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer, Digital Interface, Black - 2.65lb/3.5qt  HD9240/94


The 3.5-quart capacity easily holds four servings. Simple controls on the digital touchscreen display allow you to power the unit on or off, begin or pause cooking, and set the cooking time and temperature. Use the Smart Preset button to “memorize” the time and temperature settings for your favorite food. Suggested settings for cooking popular foods are printed right on the unit. The non-stick drawer and basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Size and Appearance

This Philips airfryer xl is available in three color options: black, gray, or white. It weighs nearly 19 pounds and has the dimensions of 12.4 by 16.6 by 11.9 inches.

Philips Air Fryer Family Size

Philips HD9630/98 4-quart XXL

If you’re looking for an even bigger air cooker with simple manual controls, Philips has you covered.

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology, Black, HD9630/96


Make up to three pounds of food in a single cook cycle! There are no complicated controls on this air fryer – only a 60-minute timer located on the front of the unit and a temperature dial nested in the top. The non-stick basket and drawer are dishwasher safe.

Size and Appearance

The appliance is available in either black or white to suit your preference. The XXL weighs nearly 19 pounds and has the dimensions of 17.3 by 13.4 by 16 inches.

Philips HD9650/96 4-quart XXL

This model offers the extra-large 4-quart capacity with the added bonus of a digital display.

Philips Premium Digital Airfryer XXL with Fat Reduction Technology, HD9650/96


You can fit a small chicken or two bags of French fries in the XXL air fryer. Use the dial to select for both time and temperature, or use one of five one-touch cooking presets. The non-stick drawer and basket are dishwasher safe. The basket also has removable mesh for easy cleaning.

Size and Appearance

This model is available in black. The unit weighs 19 pounds and has the dimensions of 15.6 by 15.6 by 15.7 inches.

Philips Air Fryer Buying Guide

If you’re purchasing an air fryer for the first time, you may have a number of questions. What size should I get? Are manual or digital controls a better option?

How Does the Philips Air Fryer Work?

See it in Action Below!

What Size Air Fryer Should I Get?

The Philips air fryer is available in three sizes. Determining how many people you will be cooking for is the easiest way to decide which size would best suit your lifestyle.

  • 2.75-quart models are ideal for one to two people. Individuals, couples, and small families will benefit from this air fryer.
  • The 3.5-quart model can prepare four servings in a single cook cycle.
  • The 4-quart XXL can handle two bags of French fries or a whole chicken, allowing you to cook for a large family or entertain a crowd of guests.

Features to Look for When Buying a Philips Air Fryer

Besides the capacity, Philips air fryers offer several other optional features.

  • Digital interface. Many Philips air fryers utilize manual controls, but you may prefer a model that displays cook time, temperature, and other information on a digital interface located on the front of the unit.
  • Cooking presets. Save time by using one-touch cooking presets, available on select models.
  • Smart Preset button. Some Philips air fryers come with a Smart Preset button, which allows you to program your own unique cooking preset to meet the needs of your favorite food.
  • Color options. Black is a standard color for Philips air fryers, but some models offer units in white or gray.

Philips Air Fryer Accessories

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Philips Air Fryer Cookbooks

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Customers tend to love their Philips air fryers. Most models receive “five-star” ratings by at least two-thirds of users, higher than average for kitchen appliances. One of the most common complaints is that the 2.75-quart unit is too small – a problem easily remedied by opting for a larger unit! Many users describe Philips air fryers as “powerful,” and others commented that the manufacturer’s warranty is longer than that of other brands.

Our Favorite Philips Air Fryer Picks

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