Where are Air Fryers Made?

Where are air fryers made? All of the top air fryer brands have facilities all over the world, so any one of them could be considered an international brand. Where does the actual manufacture and assembly take place? Read on to find out.

Air Fryer Manufacturing Companies:

The below is a list of companies that manufacture air fryers, where their headquarters are located, and where the company’s products are made:

  • Philips (Netherlands) — Netherlands
  • GoWISE USA (United States) — China
  • Chefman (United States) — China
  • Secura (United States) — China
  • Ultrean (United States) — China
  • Avalon Bay (United Kingdom) — China
  • Dash (United Kingdom) – China

Although these companies are the most popular manufacturers of air fryers, there are many other companies producing them as well. For example, there are many Chinese brands such as Supor and Zhongshan City Meijiale Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd that sell air fryers across the globe. Aside from air fryer manufacturing in China, there are also production facilities located in Mexico and Canada.


When you think of air fryers, you probably don’t think about German engineering. That’s because air fryers are a relatively new invention and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. The truth is that all air fryer brands are made in Germany—there simply aren’t any other options. It might sound strange, but the most premium brands, like Aziza and Zenfone, are built at a plant located in the heart of Berlin, just west of what used to be West Berlin during the Cold War.

While other companies may claim to manufacture their products elsewhere (or even assemble them elsewhere), all air fryer components and parts are made in Germany. Don’t get caught up by marketing jargon and flashy advertisements; do your research before purchasing an air fryer if you want to ensure that you’re getting high-quality equipment from a reliable manufacturer.


How many air fryers are made in the United States?

Air fryers are mostly manufactured in China.

The only ones claiming to be made in the US are GoWise USA and Chefman. All evidence suggests that they are actually largely manufactured in China as well.

Who makes air fryers?

Most air fryers are produced by Chinese manufacturers and then sold through various brands such as Philips, Black and Decker, Cosori, Dash, Ninja Foodi, Cuisinart, etc.

What does it mean if an air fryer is made in the US?

The fact that an air fryer was made in the US doesn’t necessarily determine its quality or efficiency. That being said, it might be easier to get customer support for a product that at least has an office in the close to where you live. For the USA Chefman and GoWise USA would fit this bill.

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book, Black


One of the most common manufacturers of air fryers is China. Not only are they one of the largest air fryer producers in the world, but they also manufacture around 90% of all air fryers exported to America. Chinese-made air fryers tend to be very affordable, but can sometimes be considered poor quality by some. It’s important to note that many popular brands are made in China and have a reputation for being high quality at low prices, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re considering purchasing one from this country.


Taiwan has become a hub for technology manufacturing and innovation, including the production of many popular air fryers. In fact, Taiwan was the first country to produce several of the most popular air fryer brands.

Taiwan is often compared to its neighbor Japan in terms of culture and technological development, from which it draws some inspiration. However, Taiwan’s economy is less reliant on commodity production than Japan’s, which allows for more innovation and creativity in Taiwanese products. This emphasis on innovation rather than just reproduction has allowed Taiwan to remain competitive with other global leaders in technology manufacturing like China and South Korea.


When it comes to the world’s top economies, Canada isn’t always at the top of mind. However, as one of the G7 countries and a member of NATO, this North American nation is considered an advanced economy with a high standard of living. In fact, it has the 11th largest economy in the world thanks in large part to its manufacturing sector.

That said no air fryers are manufactured in Canada. Ninja is one of the popular brands sold there.

United Kingdom (UK)

No air fryers are made in the UK, nor are there any designed there. However, the UK imports air fryers from Germany, China and Taiwan. The most popular brand of air fryer in the UK is Phillips which is a Dutch company that designs its products in Europe but manufactures them in either Hungary or China depending on the product. Additionally, many models imported from Australia and Canada are also popular among consumers in the United Kingdom.


Australia is well-known for their high-quality air fryers. They are home to some of the world’s best brands, such as Tefal (made in France) and Russell Hobbs (made in China). These air fryers are known for having the best quality and most advanced features. They also come from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the world, meaning you can be sure that your new product will last a long time and function as expected.

If you’re looking for an air fryer with a longer warranty or better features, it might be worth paying extra money for one of these products

The best air fryers are made all over the world.

The truth is, the “where are air fryers made” question doesn’t have a single answer. All of the top air fryer brands have manufacturing plants all over the world, so any one of them could be considered an international brand.

For example, both Philips and Black + Decker make all of their products in China. However, both companies have headquarters in the United States. So while they are technically considered American brands, they’re also produced internationally.

On the other hand, Ninja makes its products in China, but has headquarters in Canada. So if you were to ask “Where are Ninja air fryers made?” you would probably say Canada – because that’s where their corporate offices and most of their employees are located. But if you asked “Where are Ninja products manufactured?” you’d likely say China – because every single one of their products is produced there.

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