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Dash air fryers are the epitome of kitchen cuteness. Dash appliances are known for their unique appearance and functionality – you may have seen the Dash logo on irons, garment steamers, pancake makers, and, of course, air fryers.

Today, we’ll examine two of the best little air fryers Dash has to offer. Says one promotional video: “Here at Dash, helping you eat better is at the core of everything we do.”

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Our Favorite Dash USA Air Fryer Picks

Best Dash Air Fryer Reviews – Product Roundups

Whether you’re looking for a cute and functional touch for the dorm or RV, or a heft air fryer to feed the family, Dash has the right fit for you.

Dash Compact Air Fryer 1.2-quart

What more can we say? It’s cute!

Dash (DCAF150GBAQ02) Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut off Feature, 2qt, Aqua


At just 1.2 quarts, this pipsqueak appliance packs all the punch of its larger competitors. The Dash 1.2-quart uses two manual knobs to control cook time and temperature. The temperature knob is located on the top of the appliance, the time knob on the front.

Safety features include an auto-shutoff function, a cool-touch handle, and non-skid feet for added stability. The non-stick basket is dishwasher safe.

Size and Appearance

The Dash 1.2-quart air fryer is available in a range of hip colors, including its signature aqua, black, grey, red, and white. At only 5.7 pounds, the Dash weighs half as much as most other air fryers, making it a great option for travel. The dimensions of this product ar 10.2 by 8.1 by 11.4 inches. The small footprint is ideal for smaller kitchen spaces, such as those in economy apartments, college dormitories, campers, RVs, or even the office.

Dash Air Fryer Family Size

Dash Deluxe Air Fryer 6-quart

Still a cute air fryer, but with a larger capacity.

Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut Off Feature, 6 qt, Aqua


Simple to use, this air fryer has two manual control knobs. The knob on the top of the appliance allows you to set the temperature, and the one on the front is used for setting the cooking time.

The Dash Deluxe has a cool-touch handle and auto-shutoff feature for added safety. The large 6-quart basket can handle multiple servings or even a whole chicken. It is also non-stick, PFOA-free, and dishwasher safe.

Size and Appearance

The Dash Deluxe comes in your choice of aqua, black, red, or white. The appliance is 12.5 by 14.8 by 14.8 inches and weighs 16 pounds.

Dash Air Fryer Buying Guide

Whether you’re an air fryer pro or purchasing one for the first time, consider the following features.

How Does the Dash Air Fryer Work?

See it in Action Below!

What Size Air Fryer Should I Get?

The capacity of the air fryer can help you decide which model is best for your family.

  • The 1.2-quart air fryer is ideal for individuals or smaller families, including couples. It is estimated that this air fryer can cook up to a pound of French fries at a time.
  • The 6-quart Deluxe is perfect for large families or for those who entertain large groups.

Features to Look for When Buying a Dash Air Fryer

Besides capacity, what should you look for in a Dash air fryer?

  • Price. The Dash air fryer costs ~$50.00 – $100.00.
  • Color options. Dash offers a number of color options, enhancing your kitchen decor.
  • Counter space. The Dash 1.2-quart model has one of the smallest footprints of any air fryer, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Dash Air Fryer Accessories

See a full list of Accessories for Dash Air Fryers

Dash Air Fryer Cookbooks

See a full list of Recipe Cookbooks for Dash Air Fryers


Customer reviews for the Dash air fryer are overwhelmingly positive! The smaller fryer is lauded for situations where only one or two servings are needed – especially when space-saving options are essential. Both fryers seem to perform well when compared with competitors. The price range makes these models affordable for almost any household.

Our Favorite Dash Air Fryer Picks

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Reviews on Dash Air Fryers

Peeling tray

I received this as a gift, after using it
quite often, because I really liked the way all meats fried, the tray stared to peel. Can’t use it any more because the tray is pretty much peeled, and it is hazardous to your health. How, where, can I get a new tray? I like frying in it.



Chicken, pork chops, fries.

Mine almost caught fire! No money back?

I purchased the DASH 6 Quart Air fryer 2 days after Christmas, 2019. I almost made it to 6 months of fantastic use... I loved the thing and told everybody about it. Then one day I went to use it and it suddenly stopped working. I could only hear the timer. To be sure, I put my food inside and let it run to see if it would still cook my food, even though I didn’t hear it blowing any air. I walked away for a min and when I came back the unit was smoking. It scared me so bad! HSN had me call the warranty company, as I purchased a 3 yr warranty, but since I've only had it for less than a year the warranty co had me call DASH, the manufacturer. DASH advised that they would only send a replacement unit and not refund my money after me explaining that I just don't trust this product. My heart dropped at the thought of having the same thing happen or maybe this time it might actually catch on fire. Oh well, I guess it's a chance DASH is making me take. The customer service Rep Lavonna was very rude. Without feeling, care or compassion Lavonna told me that I can either take the return or keep the broken air fryer. I would like my money back. I don't trust this thing!



Anything and everything.

loved until the handle broke off

This is my first air fryer and I love it. I use it practically every day. The only complaint I have is that the handle broke off so it makes it hard to pull the pan out while cooking.



Chicken, I love reheating foods that can use a crisp.


Played with times and temps, sprayed with Pam. Have to turn as only browns on one side. Fries and chicken strips dry even though i did usual breading including egg, flour and panko and seasoned well. I think that only frozen foods are satisfactory in the fryer.




Dash air fryer

The quality inside the air fryer is horrible ,I being using this product for a month and it’s all peel inside ,oxide very fast



Fried chicken


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6 thoughts on “Dash Air Fryers”

  1. I am having a problem finding accessories to fit the Compact Dash
    Does anyone have suggestions where to find them?
    I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

  2. I have a Dash compact Air Fryer ( DCAF150GBGYO2) do not have a cookbook or time or temp setting where can I get one

  3. I bought this air fryer off of QVC last year and haven’t used it yet. My problem is I have misplaced the manual and recipe booklet. I can’t find a phone # to call to inquire about how to get another one. Would like some information on this issue. Thank You

  4. I used my new compact Dash air fryer earlier today for the first time – omg – it is a game changer. I simply dropped in a bag of honey/bbq chicken wings in the basket – 30 minutes or so at 380 – or max – and omg! I love chicken wings as much as anyone – these tasted so crispy on the outside yet so soft in the inside – delicious! OMG – I will use this every day now. PS. And, if you check out the price of on line home delivery chicken wings – Big Wangs – etc – they are so expensive. This device will not only save you money, it healthier (oil dripped to the bottom) – and it makes the chicken taste delicious – and its easy to clean. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for something that is inexpensive, useful, and easy to clean, this is it. Enjoy!

  5. I love my air fryer, have done steak, chicken wings, fish etc, My only problem is after a couple use the black coating in the basket is coming off, is this a health problem?

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